The Gold Coast has been named as Queensland’s second worst region for home theft. The suburbs that appear to be the biggest targets for home theft are Ormeau, Upper Coomera and Robina. RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross says “Ormeau residents, and people right across the State, need to be wary of leaving windows and doors unlocked because this is an easy way for thieves to walk in and steal from you…….thieves are often opportunistic, so make sure your home is as secure as possible and properly value your items when insuring your home and contents.”

Are you aware of the Queensland Crime Map. Go to and check out the areas of the Gold Coast experiencing crime. Enter your suburb to find out statistics on the type of crime in your area.

Over the past decade Australia has seen a steady reduction in home burglaries year on year. In 2015 a study was conducted of police detainees found guilty of committing breaking and entering offences to gain their insights on the current state of burglary in Australia4. the detainess were asked a series of questions and some of the results are listed below.

The detainees were asked to determine perceived potential causes for the decrease in property crime4.

Participants could include more than one answer so the % may total more than 100%

  • Improved security – 31%
  • Other – 23%
  • Changes to policing – 20%
  • Increased affluence – 11%
  • Increased imprisonment – 10%
  • Changes in drug use – 7%
  • Changes in the market for stolen goods – 4%

Participants were questioned on what they perceived to be mistakes that residents made that identified their homes as potential targets for burglary4.

Participants could include more than one answer so the % may total more than 100%

  • Doors/windows left open – 70%
  • Minimal security – 40%
  • Easy to enter backyards – 25%
  • Detectable keys – 12%
  • False security systems – 8%
  • Environmental design – 5%
  • Skylights – 2%

The detained burglars were asked if the following factors would deter them from attempting to enter a property4.

Participants could include more than one answer so the % may total more than 100%

  • A barking dog – 61.4%
  • A working alarm system – 49.1%
  • Sensor lights on the outside of the property – 22.8%
  • Lights on inside of the house – 19.3%
  • Grilled windows/doors – 19%
  • An unknown area – 14%
  • Visibility of the property from road – 14%
  • Gates – 12.3%

A lack of security measures around the property is one of the first thing burglars check for when selecting a target. Fake or poorly implemented security systems that could be easily disarmed were not counted as a successful deterrent.

When asked what their most common method of entry into a property was, the respondents said the following4.

Participants could include more than one answer so the % may total more than 100%

  • Through an unlocked door – 40%
  • Breaking a door or window – 35%
  • Through an unlocked window – 28%
  • Picking or breaking a lock – 20%
  • Other – 15%

Leaving doors and windows unlocked were the two preventable methods that burglars identified in the top four most common methods, with unlocked doors being the most common means of entry to a dwelling. As ¾ of burglars decide on committing their crime away from the site and then search for suitable targets, locking doors and windows can be the first means of discouraging burglars from selecting your house as a target.