We all know that home improvement is one of the fastest ways to increase the value of your home.  With the right knowledge and a bit of hard work it is possible to dramatically increase the value of your home or your investment property. One proven way to do so is by installing security screens on your window and doors. The main reason we install security screens on Gold Coast homes is so our customer’s can let the breeze in and keep bugs and intruders out. What you may not know is that a high percentage of our customers engage us to install new security screens or replace the outdated aluminium diamond screens purely to modernise their home and add instant value to their home. Here are 4 ways that security screens increase the value of your home.

1. Evoke a sense of security within the home

You can’t put a price on the safety of your family, so can you really afford to not have a security system in place at your home? Homes should be places of utmost safety, and the ones that have gone the extra mile to ensure they are safer from attack or theft by installing high tech security screen doors and window security screens will be worth more financially, too.

First-time homeowners and experienced homeowners alike entering the property ladder will be on the lookout for homes that are safe and are in safe areas. Even if a home looks pleasing from the outside, prospective buyers will be able to gauge how safe they feel from the moment they step onto the property.

When you go to inspect a property, the real estate agent will raise your attention to the security doors and screens installed on the property which evokes a feeling of safety and security in the property. A home with a high level of security will be worth more on the property ladder. Prospective homeowners will be impressed by state-of-the-art security systems and will be willing to pay more if they are certain that they and their family would be safe living there.

Installing security screen doors may seem like a big expense initially, these high-quality doors will be a great investment and will increase the value of your home due to their long lifespan. Our Secureview security window screens and doors at Gold Coast Security Screens and Shutters are made from stainless steel and aluminium which means that they are corrosion-resistant, are durable, and don’t need replacing for 15+ years.

Even if you have a working burglar alarm system installed on your premises, the best way to deter thieves from breaking and entering is to increase the level of security on your home’s weakest link and the first point of attack – the front door.

2. Security screens increase comfort

 Security screens on windows and doors  will increase comfort by keeping out insects, snakes and mice. Our Secureview stainless steel mesh security screens include a mesh layer that is impenetrable to anything other than fresh air.

This means you can allow outside air to circulate throughout your property and provide ventilation while keeping your home, family and any valuables inside safe and secure. You no longer need to worry about opening doors and windows, allowing thieves to see an opportunity for entry – your doors and windows can remain locked while your mesh screens ventilate the house.

3. Improve Street Appeal

If we look back 20 years ago, a real estate agent wouldn’t point out the diamond grille/criss cross aluminium security screens on doors and windows as it would evoke a sense that the property was located in an unsafe area. The diamond grilles would make homes feel like a fortress and obscure your view out your windows. Thankfully stainless steel security mesh screens were invented and have taken over as the number one product for home window security screens and doors.

Over the past 3 years Gold Coast Security Screens and Shutters has experienced a surge in customers wanting us to remove the diamond security screens from their windows and doors and replace them with security mesh screens. Most people call them Crimsafe screens due to the overwhelming marketing done by Crimsafe however Crimsafe is just one brand of security mesh screens. In fact, there are various products on the Australian market in which Gold Coast Security Screens and Shutters have tested. After researching all the products Gold Coast Security Screens and Shutters have discovered Secureview 316 marine grade stainless steel security mesh screens outperform other products by far. With an impenetrable woven mesh, Secureview gives you ultimate security, clear unobstructed views, without compromising on the aesthetics of your property.

Burleigh Heads and Burleigh Waters have experienced gentrification of the area over the past 5 years where people are buying older houses and renovating. We have had numerous customers in the area request to have their diamond grilles removed and replaced with the new modern and sleek looking Secureview stainless steel woven security mesh screens. This has enabled our customers to improve the street appeal of their home as these screens modernise their home. It is also a great selling point when looking from the inside of the home as their view is no longer obscured by the diamond pattern aluminium grille.

4. Discounts on your Insurance Premium

Any effort to improve the security of your property could potentially merit a discount on your home and contents insurance premium. Security doors make it difficult for burglars to break into a house, therefore if you have one installed, your insurance company may consider your home as less of a risk. Additionally, if you pair your security door with a good security alarm system, you can further lower your insurance premium.

When it comes to reliable home security, you will be glad you found Gold Coast Security Screens & Shutters! We offer custom made window security screens and security doors that can be tailored according to your specific needs. We offer a free measure and quote service throughout the Gold Coast from Pimpama to Currumbin and all suburbs in between where we come to your home to discuss your needs and offer products to meet your needs. With over 17 years industry experience in the security screen industry, there isn’t a job on the Gold Coast that we can’t do. Fur further product information or to book a free measure and quote go to our website gcsss.com.au or call 07 5646 9899.

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