Most of us work hard and look forward to vacations for months. Consequently you’ll want to make sure that while you’re away, your home is safe and secure. Planning ahead and taking a few simple precautions to ensure the security of your home, will save you unnecessary stress while on holidays. We’ve got you covered with five tips that you can use to increase the security of your home while you’re on your next holiday.

1.Sensor Lights and Cameras

Install sensor lights in the dark areas of your yard so that potential thieves will be discouraged and scamper away when the lights come on.  Your neighbours will also be alerted that someone is loitering around your home. Installing cameras around your property will also be a major deterrent for thieves. You can have your cameras connected to your phone that will alert you of any unusual activity.

2. Inform your neighbours that you will be away

Make friends with your neighbours and advise them when you are going away. This will ensure that they keep an eye out or listen for unusual behaviour around your home. Perhaps your neighbour can check up on your home a couple of times. Not only will this help to ensure that everything is right within your home, but it will also bring some motion and human presence to your house.

3. Make your house looks like someone is home

Install timers on some of your indoor lights so that thieves stalking your neighbourhood think that someone is home. Always ask someone to collect your mail while you are away as mail spilling out your mailbox is a clear indicator that someone is away. You can also organise a mail direction with Australia Post while away. Finally, leaving a car in the driveway also suggests that someone is home.

4. Don’t post on social media

People always love to post on social media about the wonderful places they are visiting when on holidays however this is just advertising to the world that your home is empty. Try to wait until you get home to post information on social media about your holiday.

5. Install security screens and security doors

Security screens are a visible deterrent to thieves who may come to target your property. Odds are they won’t want to draw attention to themselves and that’s going to be tough to avoid if you have quality security screens installed. Trying to break through security screens creates a loud noise which will surely alert neighbours.

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